Academic Transcription

I find that providing transcription services to people involved in academia is a rewarding way to help researchers in various fields of study and, in some small way, makes me feel like I am contributing to the success of their research projects. I also find that it exposes me to new ideas, and I feel like I’m involved in a larger cause. I especially love when my clients send me the finalized papers, articles and books that are created as a result of their many years of research.

In the years that I’ve worked with researchers, as they are conducting their interviews, writing their papers, and gathering new information to add to their projects, I’ve come to realize how strapped for time they are. Having to work within time and budgetary constraints can put a lot of stress on a person’s plate, and not having to worry about transcribing the many audio hours of interviews they’ve accumulated provides them with the breathing room they need to focus on completing their project. Many research projects I’ve transcribed audio for are upwards of 30 plus hours! The longest project I ever had amounted to 55 audio hours. While it was a challenge to complete, it was extremely rewarding to work alongside my client and to be a part of the project and see it through to completion.

Because I’m a registered vendor in many institutions across the United States, it is usually a quick process to get your project up and running! Check your accounts payable department today. If I’m not already registered, feel free to visit my business page, listed in my profile box below, and send me the contact person in charge of your project’s payments and I’ll get the ball rolling right away.

I love what I do! This is my chosen profession and I’ve been at it since the early ’90s. This isn’t something I’m doing till the “next best thing” comes along. I’m invested in it and I’m still excited about being part of your projects and your success!