Interview Transcription – What’s the Big Deal?

Did you just complete that compelling interview and now your deadline is looming? Now what? Send me your audio files and I can transcribe them, so that you can perfectly capture the complete and actual vocabulary of the conversation to use in your article or book. It was an exciting interview, and you asked all the right questions. One question was pointed, and the respondent answered another instead. At the time, you were already thinking of your next question, and you missed it. How would you even know to play back that section at exactly 1:24:52 where the respondent said, “I don’t personally run the company,” because you remember them saying, “I don’t listen to the press,” instead? How critical would that mistake be for you?

I can help you by transcribing the interview, as a dispassionate third party. I then send you back a finalized transcript in Microsoft Word format that you can use when writing your article or publication, or including on your website. I can take out all the fillers, such as the uhms, ahhs, you knows, and other things people repeatedly say when the inevitable pauses crop up that make some people so uncomfortable, or when they are struggling to come up with something to say or retrieve a thought and articulate it. Or, if you find such things important to you, I can leave most of them in the finalized transcript. Your choice!

I enjoy interviews. I love the various subject matter that I get to listen to, and providing a valuable service that helps you make sure that you get right what was said makes it even more rewarding! The next time you have interviews that you’d like to have transcribed into text format, contact my business and schedule your work. I can’t wait to get started!